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Forskningsbiblioteker og digital repositories

February 10th, 2009 af Søren Madsen

ARL/Association of Research Libraries har udgivet en rapport med erfaringer og anbefalinger vedrørende digital repositories.

Selve rapporten: The Research Library’s Role in Digital Repository Services – Final Report of the ARL Digital Repository Issues Task Force (52 s./pdf).

Fra pressemeddelelsen fra ARL: The Research Library’s Role in Digital Repository Services

“The report, “The Research Library’s Role in Digital Repository Services,” identifies key issues surrounding repository development, explores common strategies that libraries are using, analyzes relevant evironmental trends, discusses issues where ARL and its member libraries should focus attention, and recommends the following actions for research libraries to undertake…”

“The report focuses on repository services generally, rather than concentrating on repository technologies or content. Repository services include services to authors, contributors, and users, particularly of university-created content. Some examples of repository services provided by research libraries include long-term archiving and migration of content, dissemination and access management, metadata and format management, search and discovery tools, publishing, data mining, etc. Illustrations drawn from a variety of digital repositories are used throughout the report. ”


  • Preface
  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction and Framing of the Arena
  • Common Issues and Choices
  • Strategies for Service
  • A Horizon Analysis
  • Positioning Research Libraries for New Roles
  • Call to Action to ARL Member Libraries
  • Conclusion
  • Selected Bibliography
  • Appendix

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