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Digital Britain – den endelige rapport

June 18th, 2009 af Søren Madsen

Digital Britain er den britiske regerings bud på vision for UK som førende i den digitale verden.

The Digital Britain Report is the Government’s strategic vision for ensuring that the UK is at the leading edge of the global digital economy. It is an example of industrial activism in a crucial growth sector.

The report contains actions and recommendations to ensure first rate digital and communications infrastructure to promote and protect talent and innovation in our creative industries, to modernize TV and radio frameworks, and support local news, and it introduces policies to maximize the social and economic benefits from digital technologies.

Fulde rapport: Digital Britain Final Report (245 s./pdf)

Læs også British Library svar på rapporten: Dame Lynne Brindley responds to Digital Britain report conclusions

Hun opstiller 3 hovedområder, hvor der skal tages fast:

  • the need to digitise the ‘goldmine’ of content held by national institutions
  • the need to update the UK’s intellectual property regime for the 21st century
  • the urgent need to develop digital literacy skills for all

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