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Et par spændende links

March 7th, 2011 af Søren Madsen

- Paperlinks Launches Business-friendly QR Code Service (fra GigaOm)

- Yammer Is Breaking Down the AAA’s Silos (fra GigaOm)

- userslib.com » MLibrary Mobile: Is that the library in your pocket?

- MLibrary Mobile Initiative Project page

- i-Microphone for the iPhone – sådan en vil jeg også ha

- Using Microsoft Office and Google Docs Together

An Open Letter to New Librarians plus et svar til Roy Riffing on Roy

- 5 Great Survey Resources for Library Surveys

- 9 Web Apps for Gathering Customer Feedback

- Common Sense Librarianship: An Ordered List Manifesto

- Instructors and Students: Technology Use, Engagement and Learning Outcomes (27 s./pdf)

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