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Hvad er “The Hyperlinked Library”

March 11th, 2011 af Søren Madsen

Det svarer Michael Stephens på i The Hyperlinked Library: A TTW White Paper (9 s./pdf). Michael skriver bloggen TameTheWeb.

“What can meet these changes and challenges head on in the 21st century world of constant change and numerous challenges to the role and place of libraries in our world? The Hyperlinked Library model is meant to define a set of characteristics that when adopted by individual libraries could lead to improved perception, improved use and improved service models for our ever-changing world.”

The Hyperlinked Library er således:

  • The Library is Transparent
  • The Library Learns and Plays
  • The Library Connects with Users
  • The Library is Everywhere
  • The Library Encourages the Heart

“When asked what I see for the future of libraries – all kinds of libraries – I imagine a space where users will connect, collaborate, create and care.”

Gør dig selv en tjeneste og læs artiklen.

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