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Information or Learning Commons?

November 27th, 2008 af Søren Madsen

Information Commons er et emne, der vil blive set nærmere på fremover her på bloggen. Information Commons bliver i Wikipedia defineret som “It also refers to a physical space, usually in an academic library, where any and all can participate in the processes of information research, gathering and production.”

Man flytter fokus fra det fysiske rum til hvad der rent faktisk sker i det rum. Nedenfor er et par henvisninger til interessante artikler.

Tame The Web skriver om Five Benefits of the Information Commons

ALA TechSource | A “Commons” Experience: Five Benefits of the Information Commons

  1. The Commons puts students at the center
  2. The Commons is built with student involvement
  3. The Commons is a welcoming, useful gathering place
  4. The Commons makes connections
  5. The Commons is a relevant, required space on campus

Bennett, Scott
The Information or the Learning Commons: Which Will We Have?
The Journal of Academic Librarianship
2008, vol. 34, iss. 3, s. 183-185
CBS Link – via fjernadgang

Fitzpatrick, Moorea & Langa
Reference Librarians at the Reference Desk in a Learning Commons: A Mixed Methods Evaluation
The Journal of Academic Librarianship
2008, vol. 34, iss. 3, s. 231-238
CBS Link – via fjernadgang

Franks, Jeffrey A.
Introducing Learning Commons Functionality into a Traditional Reference Setting
Electronic Journal of Academic and Special Librarianship
2008, vol. 9, iss. 2, Summer

Information Commons – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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