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Kommuniker din strategi mere effektiv

August 25th, 2011 af Søren Madsen

Georgia Everse skriver på Harvard Business Review Blog om Eight Ways to Communicate Your Strategy More Effectively. Hun understreger vigtigheden af, at alle i organisationen kender og forstår strategien og at alle således har samme mål.

Here are just a few communications approaches that will help you effectively reach your employees and encourage behaviors that advance your strategy and improve your results.

  1. Keep the message simple, but deep in meaning
  2. Build behavior based on market and customer insights
  3. Use the discipline of a framework – Inspire/Educate/Reinforce
  4. Think broader than the typical CEO-delivered message. And don’t disappear
  5. Put on your “real person” hat
  6. Tell a story
  7. Use 21st-century media and be unexpected
  8. Make the necessary investment

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